End of Season 39 report

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Ian Foletto
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End of Season 39 report

Post by Ian Foletto » 29/04/2021, 14:45

I am writing this piece in order to inform you all about the latest upgrades to the game, what’s coming soon, a resume on bans and injuries and finally a resume on the last year and the future of ITN (this last part will be published during the weekend in the General ITN forum).


Faster update procedure.

A faster update procedure has been performed lately. It reduced update time from an average of 25 mins, to an average of 13 mins.
A new backup feature is used, this has 2 advantages. Not only it is faster, but also it much more reliable.
Before the backup was done on local server, so the whole database had to be downloaded from the hosting server. If connection on either side was slow, the backup used to fail after 300 seconds, and it had to be started again, sometimes making updates 1hr long.
Now the backup is done on the hosting side, and the compressed database is downloaded as a normal file, overriding the 300 secs limitation.
Result is it never stopped since.

In addition, since the update cannot be run automatically any more, since January when we had the downtime, it doesn’t make sense to have many small files to be uploaded to the hosting server. So few larger files are now created, which in turns means less time to upload them.

Both measures have halved update time.

Contracts renewal

As per every new season, the threshold of players happiness has been slightly raised again due to users adjusting to the system, which reduces the number of players not willing to renew.


Youth players in unmanaged teams

When adding youth promotions every 44 matchdays (3 players every 2 seasons) a few seasons ago, it was calculated that it should be on par with players retiring, leaving teams with the same amount of players on average.
It seemed to work for a few seasons, but lately there seem to be a quicker turnaround, decreasing the number of active players, causing some teams to forfeit matches.
So, starting from this season (in the next few days) every unmanaged team will promote 2 players per season, at the beginning of the season. This will be quicker to do, easier to remember, and will give more youth players to International teams at the beginning of the season.
If needed the number of new youth players will be changed in the future.



I’ve been asked to have a look at injuries ratios, in order to see if it’s realistic, and working properly.
Here are the outcomes.

In this moment we have 321 injured players.
That equals 3.96% of players (8,100 active players right now)
It also equals 1.25 injured players per team (256 teams in the game)

Divided by injuries length:

11 weeks: 2 players
10 weeks: 2 players
9 weeks: 2 players
8 weeks: 3 players
7 weeks: 6 players
6 weeks: 14 players
5 weeks: 9 players
4 weeks: 31 players
3 weeks: 53 players
2 weeks: 85 players
1 week: 114 players

random week from last season:

1 week 117 players
2 weeks 88 players
3 weeks 58 players
4 weeks 27 players
5 weeks 18 players
6 weeks 9 players
7 weeks 11 players
8 weeks 8 players
9 weeks 3 players
10 weeks 2 players
11 weeks 0 players

Total injured players 341
4.2% of all players, 1.33 players per team

The number shows no real difference from last season, after all I wasn’t expecting it as the code wasn’t changed at all.
Yet I’ll leave to users opinion wether this injuries average is correct or not, to me it doesn’t look bad, but I’ll gladly hear opinions.

Banned players

players banned for 1 week: 219
players banned for 2 weeks: 232
players banned for 3 weeks: 16
Total players banned: 467
Avg. 1.82 players per team

This number instead looks a bit high to me. Last season I introduced a measure to reduce bookings in particular for U21. I see there are a few less bookings on average, but it doesn’t look enough.
I think it would be a good move to have a further little reduction of bookings for U21, considering that for older players bookings do not seem to happen with the same ratio.
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Laurens Truyen
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Re: End of Season 39 report

Post by Laurens Truyen » 29/04/2021, 18:44

About the injuries, what are the factors affecting the chance of a player getting injured? I would guess fitness is one of them. Age?
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Martin Manning
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Re: End of Season 39 report

Post by Martin Manning » 29/04/2021, 19:24

Can something be done re goalkeeper bookings please? My ‘keeper, for example, usually has to serve at least 2 suspensions each season because of an accumulation of yellow cards! Often the bookings come very early in games - so not time wasting - whilst penalties never seem to result from a yellow card! I know other managers face similar dilemmas!
Steve Ellis
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Re: End of Season 39 report

Post by Steve Ellis » 29/04/2021, 22:12

Is there anything that limits the number of injuries per season that any team can suffer ?
Kevin seemed to have lots last season & i just wonder is there anything that prevents a team from getting a particularly raw deal ?
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Kevin Beck
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Re: End of Season 39 report

Post by Kevin Beck » 05/05/2021, 11:44

Steve Ellis wrote: 29/04/2021, 22:12 Is there anything that limits the number of injuries per season that any team can suffer ?
Kevin seemed to have lots last season & i just wonder is there anything that prevents a team from getting a particularly raw deal ?
I thought it might be just me Steve, but Wozz tells me he's also suffered massively with injuries since taking over Celtic.

Just to give a bit of feedback on this one. Celtic suffered 23 injuries in S39. I never played a player less than 90% fit (as I believe the lower the fitness level, the increased chance of injury). I also made very few changes to Celtic's playing squad, so I knew their injury history like the back of my hand. Naturally, players get injured and that's part of the game, but I ended up in a situation where players who had maybe one or two injuries in 5 seasons suddenly getting 2 or 3 injuries in half a season!

Sadly, I don't have the actual data for the number of injuries Celtic suffered prior to S39 under my watch (between S32 and S38), but I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn Celtic had treble the amount of injuries in S39 than any other season. From memory, I reckon we were getting 6-8 injuries a season, with maybe one lengthy (6 week +) injury. I believe, from a chat with Wozz, that Celtic suffered 6 injuries in the first few week of this season too - which is the same as S39 started for me. That would take Celtic's injury total to over 30 in just over one full season.

Ian, is it at all possible the coding around "Wisdom" has impacted injuries? The rise in injuries seems to have coincided not too long after that was introduced. I'm no full blown techie, but I do some coding for data management and tweaking one thing can certainly have an unexpected impact elsewhere in the code.
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