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Game economy

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Game economy

Postby Ian Foletto » 21/08/2015, 8:27

Continuing from another post:

About money,
we used to be at £5b but losing a lot of money when I took over. We put urgent measures to pump money into the game as there were huge losses, that, combined with the introduction of D leagues took money to £10b and rapidly increasing.
The idea is that a good economy is when we are in a slight inflation.
That's the reason behind following actions. Removal of D leagues brought back to £8b, and I wanted to go back to the £5b, where the deflation would stop and a slow grow started.
And we are exactly here now. We have been fluctuating from 5.3 to 5.5 for the whole season. Now we will lose a bit due to less competitive games in the last MDs, but there's prizes (changing this season, details on coming EOS report).
So my idea is to end around 5.5-5.6.
Next season to end around 5.7-5.8 and so on...
slow grow over time.

From this season EVERY TEAM will receive £350,000 added in their prize money (so all prize money for league positions will increase for that amount).
Plus, weekly incomes from sponsors will have a small increase (about £ 6,000-10,000 per week) from the beginning of the new season.
This is the long requested compensation for the extra week without competitive games at the beginning of the season. Many users requested receiving more funds as the last week of a season and the 1st of the new season is a long period without big gate receipts, but we needed money to decrease so we didn't do this straight away.
Now that economy has reached the levels we wanted, and is stable, we can put this in place.
In one whole season then, both measures will provide about £500-600k more for every club.

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