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Ian Foletto
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Post by Ian Foletto » 07/06/2019, 17:53

Let's start with the 1st patch which is already active for next matchday and fixes (at least in part) a long time issue with the game.
Unfortunately, due to the design of the game we used to have a problem. Players bans didn't decrease during the off season because friendlies are not competitive games (and this could be right...) but it was not possible to play those players either, even if it's only a friendly, because the system does not allow it.
This way some players banned on MD 63 could not play again until MD 5 of the new season.
The patch I've applied today is a compromise, it will decrease bans during the off season (MD 65 to MD 4) even if players are not playing a competitive game. Although not totally realistic, it will allow players to play in the preseason after their ban has expired.
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Jon Smart
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Re: Bans

Post by Jon Smart » 07/06/2019, 18:55

Thanks for this Ian,at least the ban is reduced and they can at get some game time.
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Elliot Jenkins
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Re: Bans

Post by Elliot Jenkins » 07/06/2019, 20:54

Great news Ian

Apologies for my moaning about the matter over the past couple of weeks

Thanks for all your help
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David Hadley
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Re: Bans

Post by David Hadley » 07/06/2019, 22:51

Hi Ian, thanks for this patch. This will improve the matter and still reflects the fact that players have picked up enough yellows to warrant some time on the sidelines.

I normally “managed” this by not playing those who were 1 yellow away from suspension with one/two competitive games to go. However desperate circumstances got the better of me this season so I have 1 suspended player (not bad I suppose).

Anyway...cheers Ian :)
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Steve Ellis
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Re: Bans

Post by Steve Ellis » 08/06/2019, 11:23

Sounds like a good solution thanks Ian, it has been a frustrating feature of the game for a long time
Ian Foletto
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Re: Bans

Post by Ian Foletto » 08/06/2019, 22:19

no problem guys, actually after I found this solution I thought, well, I could have done it long before... truth is that I studied and tried dozens of times in the past but couldn't find the key, until I quitted. Then this time the solution almost came easy, don't know why, you know sometimes if you keep thinking at one thing you never find the solution :roll:
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