End of Season 33 report

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End of Season 33 report

Post by Ian Foletto » 04/08/2018, 9:14

I start the thread which will be updated regularly.

I start by telling you that yesterday long update was very useful, I'm sorry it took till late afternoon, but this way I get the chance to work on an update when I'm home from work, so I can test much easily. I will do it again, in particular in this period as there are quite a few jobs to be done on the database to have it ready for the new site. And I will surely do for the last update of the season.

Game economy
As promised in the March update, there's a new improved deal for TV rights in the ITN world. The new prizes (that will be soon dished out) are those published in the help page.

Player thoughts
And as promised as well, there's a new little upgrade to the figures in the player thoughts. As expected many users rotate more players, so the formula needs adjusting, as there are a lot of examples where high SOA players are stuck with reserves for the whole season and still want to renew. It will be very small anyway around 1-2%.

Bug fixed
Important bug fixed on the game engine, one that caused about 20-30% of update failures. The update files now are more balanced and shouldn't find with no lines to write causing the stop.

Database improvement
Another thing done with yesterday update was adding the new table about the trophy cabinet, and more importantly, adding a script in the game engine to recognize who won a trophy and auto-update the database. After a first failure, the engine wrote Alex Summers' trophy win automatically in the required format.
I wanted to test it with all competitions, but as I was away on holiday couldn't do it. But at least I wanted a try with the ITN cup which was the last possible attempt. At least now I know it works properly, it shouldn't be difficult to adapt the same script to the others competitions.

New site
Work on the new site continue, thanks also to a few users among those that volunteered a few months ago in the relevant thread. I can say we are about at 80% of the site working.
Some of you asked if it was going to be live with this End of Season: the reply is not yet.
First because it is not totally finished, although mostly working, and I don't want to rush something not properly done.
Second, and I lately thought about it, end of season is a time where users login a lot and do a lot of operations in the database, like new friendlies, youth promotions, new contracts etc... so probably it's not the best of times to launch the new site, as that will most probably add usage even more due to curiosity to see it. So it will be much safer to do it at a later time.
My intention is to have it soon enough, surely not with the End of season 34.
That's why I'm already working on the database. This is to make all necessary preparations, so that only swapping the pages is needed once all the rest is in place.

New staff
Again, there will be new additions on the helping staff, among the volunteers that offered help in various positions.
Some are already chosen and will be officially appointed from the new season, some others will be decided soon. Anyway all users that offered their help will be contacted as there are a few other things to be done, like rules rewriting, new site final testing etc...
At this moment in time new staff are:
Administrator: Will Mackenzie
Tutor: James Templeman
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