End of Season 27 report - 1st part

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Ian Foletto
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End of Season 27 report - 1st part

Post by Ian Foletto » 02/02/2016, 9:27

End of Season 27 report - 1st part - About the game

Multiple accounts
We have changed the system to tighten up on multiple accounts. A new tool makes it easier for Admins and Gamemasters to spot potential issues, without having to do long searches.
Duplicate accounts will not be accepted in the game, and will be closed.
Suspicious accounts, where there is not sufficient evidence of cheating, might be temporarily restricted on transfer dealing with some users.

Game Engine
A thorough search is being carried on the game engine for more than one reason:
- Spot errors, like the one we already sorted out about the Cup Draw which was wrong for the last couple of seasons. We are now carefully looking into the 3-4-3 problem with AMs and ST, to understand why it gives those values, and how to solve it in a smooth and gradual way.
- Adapt it to the new site. Of course with some changes on the site (more or different stats, reports etc...) the game engine has to change too, as it's the engine itself creating those stats.
- Improve it with possible new features, or with different tactics or match reports etc..., make it more efficient, and less complicated on some parts. Nothing has been decided yet, as this last process just started, but we'll see what and how we can improve it.

Training Speed
Now that the number of players with traits in the game is growing, we can restart speeding up training a bit again. It won't be a huge increase though, so that it leaves the door open for future adjustments if needed.

Youth Academies
From this season unmanaged teams will be able to promote a youth player about every 44 matchdays just like managed teams (meaning on average 1.5 players per season per team).
At the beginning the procedure will be manual, but will become automated with the new website.
An unmanaged team won't promote a player if it already has 35 or more.
This will allow two important things: more players for International teams, and less managerless teams not fielding a team.
Until now managerless teams lose players when they are old and run out of contract, but never get new players unless admin accounts take over to fill them up.
This is a first step towards the idea of making youth intakes more steady and regular. The idea is that in the future there shouldn't be teams not promoting for seasons even managed ones.

Coming next, new website update
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Dave Rey
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Re: End of Season 27 report - 1st part

Post by Dave Rey » 02/02/2016, 17:40

Great news about the game engine tweaks. I'm glad you are considering the gradual smoothing of the AM/ST effects -- that, in itself, may solve the 3-4-3 domination issue that has always been a point of contention for many of us. Good to see training speed getting a bit of a boost, too, as we are going to have a period of a lot of players only in the upper 30s and lower 40s, even at the higher leagues if nothing is done.
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Ian Foletto
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Re: End of Season 27 report - 1st part

Post by Ian Foletto » 20/04/2016, 15:06


International managers: The new minimum points required to become an International Manager (part-time) is 7,500 points (was 10,000).
This will give more managers the chance to be involved in the International scene.
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