Should Rooney make the next England squad?

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Stephen Wilkinson
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Should Rooney make the next England squad?

Post by Stephen Wilkinson » 04/10/2010, 10:33

Just seeing what people's opinions are on this. Wayne Rooney has been out of action for the last week or two, but should be set to be fit for the next England international against Montenegro if I recall correctly. Now everyone knows about Rooney's bad form, not just for club but also internationally. He's only scored one goal so far this season and that was a penalty, with Berbatov seemingly taking the role as main striker for Man United at the moment. With poor form, a lack of goals and an injury in recent weeks, should Rooney really be called up? These are supposed to be the key factors which stop people getting into an international squad, yet the BBC understands he's going to be chosen to go into a European qualifier on the back of these.

Probably, if this was Darren Bent, Jermaine Defoe or somone else, they'd probably be instantly dropped from the squad. Is it a sign of Capello returning to his old 'I won't play anyone who's out of form or injured' and then picking them attitude? (if he ever left it that is)

So, should he be dropped? Can England really not survive without him or should someone else be given a chance or recall?
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