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by Warren Freimanis
25/05/2020, 16:23
Forum: End Of Season 37
Topic: Roadmap to ITN 3.0
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Re: Roadmap to ITN 3.0


If I select on a managers profile it shows their trophy cabinet but I click on myself I can’t see my own. Is it meant to be this way or not?
by Warren Freimanis
17/08/2018, 16:06
Forum: End Of Season 33
Topic: End of Season 33 second part
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Re: End of Season 33 second part

Off topic i know but what’s happening with the yellow cards with young players It’s getting out of hand now...for all players coming through you need two players for every position to accommodate the change. Is there a way this can tweaked Ian? It’s frustrating when players are getting booked all th...
by Warren Freimanis
09/04/2018, 17:05
Forum: End Of Season 32
Topic: New website project and ITN community program
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Re: New website project and ITN community program

I would also be willing to help out in anyway I can

Maybe a voting section should be set up so managers can vote on who they would like to be put in the roles?
by Warren Freimanis
07/01/2018, 17:39
Forum: In The News
Topic: Managers Profiles (read only)
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Re: Managers Profiles (read only)

6 years since anyone posted on this thread...would be good to get an updated version
by Warren Freimanis
04/10/2017, 15:05
Forum: End Of Season 31
Topic: Yellow card in International Matches
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Re: Yellow card in International Matches

What new features will we see in the new season Ian? Any news on the game face lift as discussed ages ago?